Vinicola Sipario produces and sells different types of grape must (white, red, rosé, dark red and PGI varietal). The musts we produce are:

SO2 ADDED MUTED MUSTS They are available throughout the year. These are musts whose fermentation is blocked by the addition of sulphur. They are the proper base for the production of concentrated, rectified or desulphurized musts.

FRESH MUSTS These musts are obtained by pressing fresh grapes according to state-of-the-art winemaking techniques. They are supplied at controlled temperature, after flotation and/or cross-flow filtration. All fresh musts are available only at grape harvest time (August-October) and must be booked in advance.

DESULPHURIZED MUSTS These products are obtained by desulphurization of muted musts. They are available throughout the year, upon request. They are mainly used in the fermentation, refermentation or sweetening processes for sparkling wines.