Vinicola Sipario produces and sells white, red, dark red – rossissimo - grape juice concentrates, PGI varietal concentrated musts, grape concentrated without sulfur dioxide, concentrates for the production of balsamic vinegar and rectified concentrated must.

Concentrati Bianchi, Rossi e Rossissimi
The concentrated musts are obtained by partial vacuum dehydration of grape musts.

It is possible to obtain concentrated musts that are different in colour according to the original type of must, ranging from extremely white musts to dark red musts - rossissimo, obtained by the concentration of Ancellotta grape must. This type of must may have different characteristics in terms of sugar strength, total acidity and colour intensity, upon customers’ requests.

SO2 FREE (on request)
The concentrated musts without sulphur dioxide are obtained through dehydration of fresh musts without sulphur dioxide.
These products are available only at grape harvest time (August-October) and must be booked in advance.

Concentrated musts for vinegar
Concentrated must for Aceto Balsamico di Modena can be eventually be boiled, gaining an high level of dry extract and total acidity. The whole production chain is certified by CSQA.