This wine is characterized by a red-purplish colour, obtained by a special Lambruschi vinification process and features an high level of anthocyanins, molecules that give this wine its characteristic colour, and high concentration of polyphenolic compounds.

Thanks to our state-of-the-art desulphurization plants, we manage to obtain products with a low content of sulphur and fresh and floral notes. Our products are extremely stable in time, both in terms of colour intensity and shade, thanks to selected wine yeasts, microoxygenation and fine tannins.

Our dark red wine Rossissimo is the ideal product for the refining and correction of wines that are poor in body, texture and colour. It harmoniously completes the bouquet of aromas without altering the original product and it can be used before or after the aging in barrels.
It is offered in different typologies according to the intensity of colouring from 25 to 45 IC and different alcoholic degrees. It may also undergo a malolactic fermentation. This wine Rossissimo can be delivered centrifuged or micro-filtered.